With years of experience and a diverse team of consultants, we customize approaches for each client to increase diversity at all levels, build truly inclusive organizational cultures, and integrate principles of equity throughout all aspects of the organization.

Organizational Readiness and Strategic Plan for DEI

Develop and support a DEI strategy in partnership with leadership committed to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion efforts at a globally recognized art and design institute. Build the capacity and develop the infrastructure to enable faculty and administrators to support DEI goals and strategies.

A comprehensive DEI strategic plan with actionable goals and metrics was established, the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was created, and a Chief Diversity Officer was hired. Additionally, there was an increase in underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students, reduced disparities in student retention rates, an enhanced hiring process to support diversity across disciplines, functions, and levels, and the creation of a Board of Trustees committee for DEI.

Cambridge Hill Partners guided the client through a process of creating a DEI strategic plan while simultaneously building critical capacity and infrastructure required for sustainability and success. Our contributions included providing a high level of support for the DEI Steering Committee in developing a compelling and feasible DEI strategic plan. We also designed and delivered a DEI Advanced Education Certification Program to faculty, administrators, staff, and student leaders with the goal of preparing a critical mass of trained DEI advocates.

Capacity Development and Strategic Roadmap for DEI

Develop a university-wide diversity strategic plan for a large public urban university system to guide the efforts of colleges and professional schools across the system. The university is one of the most diverse in the United States with a proud tradition of providing high value and access for immigrants, low-income students, and those from marginalized communities.

Over a twelve-month period, the university developed a DEI strategic plan that was widely supported by leaders of the colleges, professional schools, and administrative units. The DEI strategic plan resulted in a university advisory council on diversity, significant investments in faculty recruitment and retention efforts, required diversity strategic plans for all colleges and professional schools, support for campus diversity officers across the system, and annual reporting on faculty trends, student retention, and graduation rates across demographic groups.

Cambridge Hill Partners partnered with the Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) to create a university-wide diversity advisory council and to design a DEI strategic planning process that included influencers from each of the colleges and professional schools. With an eye toward balancing efficiency and inclusion, we facilitated multiple town hall meetings for faculty, staff, administrators, and student leaders across the various campuses. In consultation with the CDO and the university-wide diversity advisory committee, we synthesized the data gathered from all sources to provide a clear and meaningful analysis for engaging multiple stakeholder groups in shaping the strategic plan.