For any change initiative, we work with clients to design a thoughtful process that has structure and integrity to advance the organization’s mission, improve approach, enhance operational capacity, and garner the support of key constituents to achieve the desired results.

Comprehensive Organizational Change

Realign two independent units (student affairs and enrollment and retention management) at a highly regarded and organizationally complex university into one cohesive unit. Realign functional areas across the new unit to provide a more positive and cohesive experience throughout the student lifecycle beginning with the enrollment process and culminating with the transition to alumni status.

A unified divisional approach supported by a leadership structure with the capacity to affect ongoing change, including a leadership team empowered to direct and guide the implementation of a new organizational approach and culture.
In three distinct phases spanning 18 months, Cambridge Hill Partners conducted an organizational review and assessment and guided the design and implementation of a new organizational model. We led the new leadership team through a series of leadership development sessions with a focus on developing their individual and collective capacity to drive culture change.

Faculty and Staff Support Services Redesign

Redesign the strategy and organizational model for supporting all Human Resource-related systems and services within a highly decentralized institution.
A repositioned Human Resource (HR) function that provides quality support services and organizational consulting that are aligned with the University’s strategic plans and are responsive to emergent challenges within higher education.
After assessing the university’s current HR model, Cambridge Hill Partners developed a new model that addressed organizational structures, leadership requirements, functional expertise, the service portfolio, and management systems.