Shaping culture and leading change is the essence of our work at Cambridge Hill. In doing so, we challenge clients to transform their leadership practices, organizational systems, and operating culture to be effective, equitable, and inclusive.

Clients seek our partnership because we understand firsthand the distinct complexities of their mission-centric organizations. Staying true to mission amidst complex governance models, competing interests of multiple stakeholders, and pressures on financial sustainability is tough work. We know that because we’ve done it.

Formulating strategy (where are we going?), developing leaders (how will we facilitate success?), leading organizational change (what structures, systems, and skills do we need?) and shaping culture (how do we do things here?) are inextricably linked.

No matter the initial challenge for which clients seek our help — strategy, leadership development, organizational change, or culture — they always value our ability to support their efforts in defining and achieving success within the context of their organization.

For any change initiative, we work with clients to design a thoughtful process that has structure and integrity to advance the organization’s mission, improve approach, enhance operational capacity, and garner the support of key constituents to achieve the desired results.

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With years of experience and a diverse team of consultants, we customize approaches for each client to increase diversity at all levels, build truly inclusive organizational cultures, and integrate principles of equity throughout all aspects of the organization.

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Bringing our experience as managers and practitioners to each client partnership, we design strategic planning processes that yield innovative and feasible results, forge broad-based commitment from internal and external constituents, and inspire action.

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Especially in uncertain times, successful strategy depends on dynamic and creative leadership. We work with individuals and teams to build their capacity to achieve professional goals and support their organizations to advance strategic ambitions and operational success.

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“Cambridge Hill stretched me to be a more intentional and better leader, to not settle for a quick decision. The outcome was better because they pushed me to keep my focus on our values and mission.”
University Vice President for Enrollment